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    Tom Brown

    I’m making an open-source (free software) data acquisition system and wanted to get all of your thoughts. So far, the components below have cost $125. I know there are other data systems out there, but they didn’t do everything I wanted for an affordable price.

    1) Is this something that would help you in testing and races (if legal at your track)?

    2) What other measurements would be helpful? I’m mainly considering between steering angle, throttle, brake, and an accelerometer. I’d add RPM and lap time to put all of the other measurements in context. Each of these sensors should be relatively cheap (~$15) if I get creative with how they’re used.

    3) Would it be worth providing updates and sharing code as the project develops?


    For some background, I was interested in seeing when my tire temps come into range and how they change during the run. I’m a big fan of the speed/cost ratio, so I didn’t want to pay a lot for something I could do my way and help others with the same mentality.

    I bought infrared temperature sensors and hooked them up to an Arduino. It prints the temps to a display that I can mount on my steering wheel and also saves to an SD card. I’m going to set it up on my kart and do some track testing, then add RPM and lap time next. I’ll also have to make a visualization tool at some point because you can’t learn much from raw numbers in the SD card’s text file.

    Tire temp sensor setup

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    Matt Martin

    GPS (around or above 10Hz), and thermocouple inputs (water temp and/or EGT).

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    John Mulvihill


    I’m impressed.  Which Arduino board are you using?  Mega?

    Which display are you using?

    I’ve been contemplating a multiple IR temp board for clutch, brakes and tires.

    Please keep us (or at least me) updated on your progress.

    Here’s a long term project for you: Strain gauges on rear axle for an onboard dyno.







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