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      Gary Smith

      Anybody go to Grange’ for open practice lately? I checked the calendar, the calendar stated open practice, I know they open at 8am, I arrived at 9am, gate locked, stayed until 10am and returned home. Called 760-963-1360, spoke to Jim Granger, I know his voice, asked what was the schedule for the next day, said open practice from 8am until 5pm, told him I would be there.

      Next day at 9am, I show up, gate locked, flatbed tow truck  from an equipment rental company waiting to get in to pick up a piece of rented equipment. I leave at 10am wondering what is going on.

      Can anybody shed any light on this?

      I love this track, I hate to loose another kart track.

      Concerned karter


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      Curtis Cooksey

      Maybe you could try calling Jim again. Something could have come up? I know he is very busy, I hope everything is OK I love that track too!

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        jack lachut

        gary,  that’s quite a drive to go out there twice only to find the gates locked.

        I don’t see the website anymore.

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      A simple pair of bolt cutters equals open practice on Jim.


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