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    Dustin McGrew

    Has anyone here ordered a suit from ONE RaceGear recently? I’ve been having some issues just getting them to reply to my emails to see what is going on with my suit.

    They did the design for me which I approved on 2/18. I was told I’d receive final pattern artwork to approve in about a day. I didn’t hear anything for 9 days so I sent an email on 2/27 asking if I had maybe missed an email for some reason. I received no reply after another 11 days and I sent another email on 3/11 asking the same question.

    After about 20 days I finally received a reply and was told it would be checked on in the morning. I didn’t receive an email that morning, and did not receive an email for another 7 days. On 3/18 I finally gave up on email (which seemed to be the preferred way of communication right up until I paid for the suit) and I gave them a call. Got some good news from the call, suit was slated to go to print in a few days and I finally received the final artwork which I approved immediately on 3/18.

    Since then I’ve received no status updates on the suit after asking 3 times.

    I was told the process would take about 4 weeks. We are now at 6 weeks and the season is right around the corner.

    The thing that seems really fishy to me is that I know they reply within minutes to emails about ordering a suit. I know people that have received replies within 20 minutes, while I wait for weeks. I know this is a busy time of the year for vendors but I can’t understand why my emails about an order that is currently in process go unanswered for weeks but someone who asks a question about ordering a new suit gets their’s answered in 20 minutes.

    Customer service was great when I had questions about ordering the suit right up until the time I paid. Now that they have my money it seems as though they’ve forgotten about me. Very odd!

    Has anyone else had similar issues with them?

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    Gary Osterholt

    I talked with Darren from ONE Racegear earlier this week.

    Have you tried to call?

    Gary Osterholt
    GO Designs, LLC

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      Darren Swisher

      Dustin, First of all, I do appreciate your business.  I will not disrespect you with excuses but i will make it right.

      I will check with Production in the morning and see where it stands.

      Thanks again for your business and patience.


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    Dustin McGrew

    I haven’t yet. Kind of wondering why I should have to if he replies to other people within minutes.

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    Dustin McGrew

    Thanks Darren. Just replied to the email you sent me.

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    Geno Pass

    Having a similar contact issue. I got one email from Darren in April, but I’ve not heard back since. My first suit was great, trying to get another…

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    Darren Swisher

    Geno, Got your message, Sent an email.



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