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    Steve Maurer

    I have an older leopard that always ran at about 135 degrees and now gets up to 170 in about 5 minutes of racing.  Motor is running great for power.  I have a lazer hand held heat tester and it is showing same temps as micron so I think the 170 is true temp.  Running same jet settings as before.  I backed off from 16000 to 15000 on top end and still runs hot.  Any thoughts?  thanks Steve Maurer

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    Morgan Schuler

    Try a new or different water pump?

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    James McMahon

    Same fuel and composition, still fresh? Could be a lot of things, assuming ambient temp is staying roughly the same some things to consider are..

    Failing water pump…
    Gunked up\corroded rad internals
    Blocked\crudded up rad fins (external)
    Air leak in motor or carb causing it to run leaner
    Ignition issue that has added advance

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    Steve Maurer

    Thanks for the help!!

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