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    I change the oil on my L0206 very frequently with the factory Amsoil bottle recommended from the factory at Briggs, basically every track day, and it’s starting to get pricey by the bottle.

    Just out of curiosity, Has anybody else tried any other regular motor oil, either conventional or full synthetic Mobil 1? Not trying to start an argument about legality or not, and not talking about race days, only practice.

    Is it safe? will it cause any mechanical issues with long engine durability? Performance? Etc.

    Please chime in if you have any thoughts or experience with oil types. Thank you all in advance.


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    Kacy Stahl

    Freddy, checkout ‘THE 16 COMMON MISTAKES, A PREVENTATIVE GUIDE’ on the Briggs site. Section 2 is about oil and can help answer this for you



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    Thank you for your input, very good info.

    I was just curious if anything else would work, like full synthetic Mobil 1 oil, but now I see the reason why the manufacturer only recommends Amsoil, and the reason why.

    Thank you for your help, buddy.

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    Kacy Stahl

    No problem!

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    William Weiler

    I’m kind of skeptical of the idea the LO206 is so unique in the world only 1 oil is possible. I do think learning enough about oils to know what you can substitute is going to be an undertaking. My builder and local Kart retailer didn’t give me Amsoil. They gave me a Lucas 4T oil. I think that is how it is. A little knowledge and you will wreck your engine, but an someone who is an expert and understands it, can substitute the correct oil safely.

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    Clark Gaynor Sr.

    Good oil of any kind is pricey.  We personally run the Amsoil/Briggs 4T in our two 206’s as well.  We also road race them, so they’re getting a good workout every time they’re on the track.  As a note, we also use Motul 2T in our X30…works great, burns clean, lubs great, and they don’t give that away either $$$!!!

    There’s another forum on Bob’s four cycle page where this kind of info is discussed at length, including several engine builders.  They all agree that you can’t go wrong with the Amsoil 4T.  Though some folks do run different oils, they are all of very high quality.

    The logic is it’s developed for high temperature (air cooled motors run hot) with a splash oiling system (rod/crank slap the oil at the bottom of the stoke creating some sort of crazy splashing mess).  Automotive oils don’t see those kind of conditions and may foam which cuts they’re lubricating ability.  I’m no expert, but it makes sense to me.

    I know what you mean though, you change the oil and it comes out looking almost new!  Every time you feel like you’re throwing away 7 or 8 bucks!!  I get it, but compared to all the other expenses associated with this sport, why save pennies.  I’m sure Mobil 1 might work fine, but you’re only saving a couple bucks per change.

    Like I said, I am no oil expert, but following your engine builders recommendations is usually a good idea.

    Have fun,

    Clark Gaynor Sr.

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    Clark, Very well said, and than you all for your valuable info

    I totally agree, and yes from now on Amsoil is what I will continue to run, and yes you’re right I would only be saving a couple of bucks, and compared to some other expenses is not bad at all, besides I’m already saving a lot on tires.

    Thank you guys.

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