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      Danny Kay

      At my local track there is one particular off camber turn, and another particular turn that has a dip (nothing major) at the apex and then climbs in elevation in the exit. Both places have been trouble for me from day one in terms of engine tuning. I cannot figure out why the engine pops in these places. There have been a couple rare occurrences where popping was minimal, but i am not able to connect the dots as to why the problem occurs. Lifting on the throttle for a second and then rolling back into it allows you to keep going (filling the bowl back up?).


      A little info, may be relevant, may not be:

      -Local rotax guys have made no progress, nor have I.

      -I am running an 8.5 with 5.2g floats

      -I haven’t tried jetting outside 1 or 2 jets away from JetTech recommended.

      -Carb is cleaned (although not ultrasonic), fuel pump, filter, plug, etc all replaced on a very regular basis. No difference after replacement/cleaning.

      -Fuel is good ol’ ethanol laced pump gas with redline oil. Going to switch to E0 pump, but what little I understand about fuel I doubt this will make a difference.

      -engine has about 14hrs on top end and 35+? on bottom.

      Any suggestions appreciated!

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      John Savage

      Danny, Danny, Danny

      The whole point of buying the fabulous Jet-Tech Software is so you can safely experiment with your jetting to get it perfect for your carb/engine/exhaust combination.

      Read the instructions, watch the videos and be brave and fine tune your jetting!

      Any problems then use support@rotaxjetting.com



      Jetting and Kart Set-up Software


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