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    Jesper Beyer



    Got some Strange readings after my EVO upgrade… normally reads 58-60deg celcius all the way around your track without the EVO upgrade,  but now on straight lines the temp builds up to as high as 110deg…. Running unipro 6003 labtimer

    Anyone got any suggestions of the course?!?!  bad sensor?!?!  Water pump?!?!?  The new carb running lean ( 140jet)  ?!?!




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    Steen Carstensen

    It could be a lot of different courses, but I would check if your water temp lead and RPM wire are running too close together. I had a problem like that, were my water temp was all over the place, after separating the wires, problem gone.

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    tony zambos

    Hopefully Steen is right. Don’t believe that there is a good deal of pressure in a Rotax radiator, so 110 is beyond the boiling point of water. You could carefully dip your water sensor in boiling water and see what it reads.
    Check the water level and make sure there isn’t an air bubble in the system.

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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    Jesper Beyer

    I don’t think it’s a bubble,  when the lid is of at the radiator I can see there is a fine water flow…  I’ll try separating the wires,  I due have rewired all the cables so it could be the reason…

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