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      Brad Richtsmeier

      Can I ask what components on a shifter or any kart for that matter are at higher risk for becoming unsecure or slipping from their proper specification.  So essentially,  what do you need to nut and bolt between outings at the track?

      Also, are any benefits seen to balancing front tires?




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      Harrison Potsworth

      In short, absolutely everything. Seriously, check everything you have time to check inbetween rounds. Safety wire as much as you can.

      In sprint racing there is no benefit to balancing the tires. In road racing, there is.

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      Gary Smith

      As for balancing tires on a sprint kart, it depends on the tires. If you are experiencing a front end shake,  look at the front tires for balance and how true they spin. On occasion I’ve had front tires shake violently at and above 40 mph and once I had a rear tire take over 2 ounces(ran out of weights) to get any where near balanced.

      It just depends on what you are experiencing, front end shake at speed, look for tire balance and trueness. Massive shaking on kart, look for the same in the rear.


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