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    Cole Sims

    With the recent rule changes in USRMC, that  eliminated the rule that allowed for drivers 21 & over/190 lb. to run masters max.  I know find myself wondering what to do next.    I’m 20 pounds too heavy to run Rotax or Tag Senior and too young to run Tag Masters.

    So this begs the question..

    Is there any national level series/races that I could run?

    Its seems interesting that there are no classes between Senior and Masters that could cater to guys in my similar position.

    So do you try to start a new class under Skusa or what? I just want to get some feedback from others in the sport.


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    20 Lbs isn’t that far off
    May be easier to lose weight, or deal with the extra weight, rather than start a new class, and get drivers to commit to it.

    We have the same issue here locally, and of course I have to lose 30 lbs, or deal with it, myself.

    Sorry, I wish there was something more comfortable, or an easier way. My 2 cents, and by no means trying to be disrespectful, as I am on the same boat.

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    Taylor Young

    That was my situation for a long time and I finally turned 30 and can run masters classes in Skusa. It really sucks being tall and trying to race karts.  I ran club races and just trained for the time I could move up to masters. Shifter karts are more forgiving with weight than tag stuff if that’s any help.

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    David Cole

    It’s simple, a class WITHIN a class. If you want to keep racing Rotax, pool together enough racers and ask your promoter/series/club to create a class within the Senior Max category for drivers over 190lbs. Karting is mostly racing for a trophy, if you can get enough racers together, maybe they will offer up a first place trophy.

    Otherwise, continue to work hard and improve as a driver against the Senior drivers. If you can get to within 10 to 15lbs., it is realistic to be competitive. Many drivers have done diets and training to lose weight for racing.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Robert Brooks

    David, and others. It’s not that simple.

    Cole is talking about trying to be competitive at a National Level where hundreths of seconds matter. 10-15 lbs at the Top national will not be at the front of the field. We don’t care about trophies, after 4o years I don’t keep them.

    As you know, My Driver is in the exact same situation; in fact I wonder how much the recent change in the Rmax rules were made because of him being too competitive in the Rotax Masters class.

    He is a few years under the 32 age limit, but is well over 6′ and 200 to 210 lbs. He’d have to lose around 25 lbs to make weight in Sr. Rotax,  so after 2o years of karting and running at the front at National level races, we are effectively legislated out of karting. Because why would I want to spend $10,000 running a national championship race knowing we can’t be competitive in Sr. Rotax due to height/Weight.  My son and I are among the few that are “lifers” in karting. We did not use this a stepping stone to other forms of motorsport as he aged. But now we find our selves being forced out. Apparently the other Masters drivers are afraid of having competition from a mid 20’s driver. I guess karting has so many entrants that it can find ways to exclude an entire group of current and possible future drivers.

    I do understand why Rmax did this, however, I disagree and think its just another example of shortsighted organizations finding ways to make karting less inclusive and drive people from the sport. I don’t think your Masters class will see growth based on this exclusion.

    I have heard a rumor that SKUSA is considering breaking their S4 class into 1 class for over 40yrs and 1 for 25 to 39yrs. If SKUSA does that, we’re in at the 1st race and will be a participant for years.

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    Once again

    Why not get into a healthier diet, get back into shape, and lose 20 to 30 lbs?

    If that seems to be the issue, then deal with that particular issue.

    Your body will thank you for it, after all.

    Athletes do it all the time

    Boxers, fighters, horse racers, swimmers, etc.

    I’m getting older these days, and I’m still planning to lose some fat myself for next season, so that I may compete in a different class.

    20 to 30 lbs is not impossible to lose, try not eating for about a week, hit the scale and see what happens. At least 10 lbs right? then try different food rather than ne nice large fries, big fat extra size burger, soda, etc.


    Not trying to be offensive here, this is reality, and this is the sport we love

    Noticed I mentioned “SPORT” That means it is a sport, and we do need to train, and discipline ourselves with better diets. ( including myself, my fat ass ).  ;)

    Most race car drivers train and work out endless hours, and pay close attention to what they eat. My 2 cents. :)

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    Robert Brooks

    Freddy , you’re  making HUGE assumptions and Generalizations. Do you expect a 6’3″ driver to get to 175 lbs?  that’s not healthy. My doctor has told me that he does not want me below 205 lbs. So to make Sr weight I’d have to go 20-30 lbs under that. Not possible…. Karting at the top national level has just been excluded for anyone that is larger than the average person if they are under 32 yrs old.

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    Sam Jones

    Sitting here reading this thread at 6’2″ 160 lbs ……    :|

    I just like to ride my bike a lot, okay!

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    Jim Derrig

    So you’ve enjoyed an unfair age advantage all of these years and now you’re complaining that the tables have turned and you are stuck with an unfair weight disadvantage?  Boo-hoo-hoo.  Deal with it.  Your competitors have been doing so all the time you’ve been “at the front on a national level.”

    If you really love karting you’ll just have to accept the fact the you’re not going to win for a few years.  If what you love is winning using an age advantage, maybe you can switch to baseball and find a little league that will believe you’re 12 years old.

    Okay, so the above paragraph is a little strong, but it’s written by a 6’2″ 190 lb. 57-year-old who has to go toe-to-toe with 20-year-olds of the same size and weight.  Life ain’t fair.  Just go as fast as you can and love doing it.


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    Mike Gerould

    If it’s not feasible to lose the weight yourself, then focus on shaving it from your kart.  I’m 185lbs and weigh in right at the 365lb limit for the TaG Senior requirement for the X30.  In truth, I should probably add a couple lbs just so I don’t drop too close to the limit from fuel consumption.

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    Stewart Willis

    I am 6’3.5″ and I am currently 234 lbs.  In college I rowed on the crew team at 174 lbs.  Could I get there now?  Maybe.  But, I refuse to wear those questionable sausage shorts and ride a bike….

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    Robert Finlayson

    At 5′ 11″ and 140 pounds, my son was too small to even play High School football. Yours is too heavy to WIN a National level race. Life goes on.

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    I’m 6’2″, 42 years old, weigh 210 lbs, I am going to lose 30 lbs by Feb 2015
    I can assure you that if I lose my body fat, and eat healthy, don’t care what the doctor says I WILL NOT die, I can die a lot faster and hurt myself by eating crap, pizza, dough, chips, soda, deep fry foods, fast foods, etc.
    Your body will not consume itself if you continue to feed it right
    Please face the reality and facts, and start eating well. I’m not saying DON”T EAT, but please eat right.

    Anybody wants to hit the bike path with a road bike with me? ;)

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    josh martin

    Our team has been fighting the weight problem from the opposite direction, but as a result, I may have some helpful advice here. We are using Praga Tacho chassis’, and have had a very difficult time getting some of our drivers to make weight. This is not a shameless pitch for a brand, just something for which I happen to have definitive data. Our kt100 kart weighs in at 147lbs, the leopard at 158, and the stock honda at 200. This leaves about 200 lbs for the driver in kt100 and TaG and 185 in the stock honda. Im sure other manufacturers offer similar chassis weights as well.

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    Chris Jennings

    If you are serious, you will find a way to make weight.

    6’4″ and 185 lbs

    There is a lot of extra weight on your kart if you are willing to spend the time to find it. This year I dropped 15 lbs and another 15 on the kart. I was able to make weight in S2 @ 385 lbs.

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    Dan Schlosser

    How far did you go with factory Carbon Fiber & Magnesium Josh? We got out Tacho down to 368 with a Leopard using the CF pan, Mag hubs & cassettes and no graphics. Similar weight driver with gear probably.


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    josh martin

    No carbon fiber or magnesium at all. Would’ve bought steel hubs if we could get them. The karts were so light we couldnt make weight with our light drivers without resorting to frowned-upon ballast methods.

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    michael smith

    I believe that if jetting is to grow in the USA, minimum weights will have to keep up with increasing average weights of Americans

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    TJ Koyen

    Regardless of how much I love karting, I would be more concerned about lowering the increasing average weights of Americans just for the sake of their health rather than how to keep our little sport from dying.

    Driver/Coach/Wrench : Innovative Performance/Exprit
    Owner : Oktane Visual - www.oktanevisual.com

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