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      Philip Gooch

      First time poster here. Im glad to be able to join your community.

      I have a 99 KX250 and found a guy wanted to trade me his kart for it. I know nothing about them but have been interested in getting into racing. I work at a machine shop so thinking I could learn to do most if not all of the machine work with the help of my boss.

      The kart is a margay chassis with parilla leopard 125cc liquid cooled electric start.




      There’s the posting. Is this a good kart? Whats it actually worth? Would this be competitive at the track? Those are the kind of questions I have about it. And maybe what to look for when checking it out. Thanks in advance look forward to your replies.

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      Philip Gooch

      Forgot to add he said its 2008 Chassis, and believes it to be the my09 I asked for pictures of the motor. I read you can tell by the orientation of the carb, That correct?  He says about 10 hrs on rebuild.

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      tony zambos

      Welcome to karting. What’s your honest opinion of the value of your bike and what would be your budget after acquiring the kart? A Leopard with 10 hours on it is about do for a top end rebuild. Find out if the last rebuild was for the top and bottom end of the motor. My09 Leopards have a clutch cover with a bearing to support the crank shaft. The earlier model did not. That would be easiest way to spot an 09. Besides a seat, chances are that the seller and you are the same size are slim, you’ll need tires. In the future, you should probably pick up a spare clutch and spare motor brushes for the starter.

      Ask if the chassis is bent and ask for photos of the bottom of the chassis to make sure the rails have not been worn down flat. Paint missing a common.

      Most of your parts you’re going to buy. Working in a machine shop is only going to help in the occasional bracket you’ll have to fabricate. You won’t have to jigs to rebuild an engine.

      In all honesty, you won’t be setting the karting world on fire for a couple of years. But you stand to have a lot of fun and frustration, grow a little deeper in debt, and meet some good people.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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