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    Don Foreman

    I have an old Track Magic Demon with a TM Moto engine that hasn’t been out in a few years because the local autocross club (SSCC) decided that it didn’t like shifter karts. So if I am going to get to run at all this year it will have to be with Emerald Empire  in Eugene Oregon and that is a 3 hour drive away.  They have much stricter noise regulations though. The 95 db max is strictly enforced.  I have the long TM moto pipe with the large muffler that runs across the rear bumper but I am unsure of the noise level in db of the big TM mufflers?  I would rather be super safe rather than get booted for noise, with a 3 hour drive each way.  Any feedback or suggestions?

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    Scott Boito

    When I ran my TM moto for part of a season, it was quieter than my Honda CR125.  Using some junky silencer off the TM pipe.  Repack your silencer with some fresh packing and it should be good.  We had a 96 db limit and I never approached that – but did get in the 93-94 range with the Honda.

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    Jason Vehige

    If a good silencer is not enough to meet sound adding an airbox will help a good bit. Just keep in mind it will most likely result in you needing to change jets.

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    Don Foreman

    Thank you both for the advise!

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