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    Keith Bridgeman

    I just noticed that no Midwest SKUSA schedule was put out.  I know it was not well attended last year.   Interesting, no SKUSA and the Great Lake pro series also gone other then a few one offs.    I know most shifter kart guys are showing up to the roadraces as am I but is shifter sprinting pretty much dead?   Were is everyone racing  I still think SKUSA should push the one off New Castle Shifter fest.


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    Harrison Potsworth

    Everyone is here: http://www.neshifterkartseries.com/schedule.html

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    David Cole

    I haven’t spoken directly with SKUSA about the series, but looking at the numbers, it appears the numbers could not support a full season. As of right now, there are no confirmed dates set for a Midwest Shifterfest.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    russ Jolly

    I dont know about this year but last year and before that I raced shifter sprints in il and the class was dead as a door nail. Apparently its to much work and money.. imo.

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    Emerson Biggins


    I plan on running Stock Moto at New Castle this year and joining the NESKS when they visit Pitt Race. To fill out the schedule, I’ve also found a few of the SIRA races that they will allow me to run in and a few dates at G&J and Pitt Race. Keep the Faith… and hope to see you at the track!

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    Paul Nickl

    Is there a small series / events where folks can run their old ICC (KZ) style shifter machines in the Midwest. Specifically south-east Michigan?

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    David Cole

    Check out Michigan Kart Club for some road racing events.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Paul Nickl

    Thank you David!


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    James McMahon

    There’s no Midwest SKUSA series this year, but they are planning a shifterfest @ NCMP in September.

    Off the top of my head, shifter options in the midwest are….

    CES: Blackhawk, IL, June | Grattan, MI, July | Blackhawk August |  Gingerman, MI September
    WKA: Grattan, MI, May
    MKC:  Waterford Hills, MI, June |  MIS, MI, September
    Rock Island Grand Prix: labor day weekend
    SKUSA Shifterfest, NCMP, IN September (2nd weekend?)
    SIRA in and around IN
    Road America Kart Club

    You wont go wrong with any of these events but you will find biggest grids for shifters at CES Blackhawk and MKC @ MIS.  We had 47 shifters lined up at Blackhawk in August last year. A mix of Stock, mod and KZ/ICC.

    If you have questions PM me as I’m not on EKN a lot these days.

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    David Cole

    What Jim said if you are looking for outside the Michigan area. If you feel like a trip, check out Blackhawk in Illinois, otherwise, hit the CES events at Grattan and Gingerman. Two of the best tracks in the country.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Roger Ruthhart

    Still running shifters and TAGs at Rock Island Grand Prix. stock moto, open shifter (ICC, mods and stock Honda) and masters; TAG Jr., Sr., Masters and Leopard.

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    Mike Makus

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