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      Nick Senne

      I just purchased a used shifter kart and have no idea which body work I have. I am looking to get a decal kit but don’t know which style to order. Can someone help me out?






      >http:// photo IMG_7655.jpg

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      Gary Osterholt

      Front Bumper and Driver Fairing – KG Unico

      Sidepods – I’d assume old KG breadbox style.

      Gary Osterholt
      GO Designs, LLC

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      Nick Senne

      Any idea where i can get decals for them?


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      You have a combination of old breadbox side pods and newer unico front bumper and driver’s nose cone.

      That kart looks to be an old Track Magic, they’ve been out of business for a long time. You might be able to find some NOS from a vendor sitting on a dusty shelf, if not look on ebay, or post an ad here at the WTB section.

      Otherwise install a new body kit from new karts, adapt the mounting tubing, and you’re good to go! You can turn it into a CRG, Mad Croc, Praga, Tony Kart, Top Kart, or anything you want, and all the parts and graphic kits would be available anywhere. Good luck. FastFreddy.

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      Kazi Tomaszwicz

      Nice kart, but parts will be hard to find. You need to look on ebay or amazon for some of these

      Bazy finlandzkich firm

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      Adrian Pagliaroli

      Try godecalzone.com they can make you what you need.

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