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    JT Brotoski

    Getting my son into kid karts this coming year which has spurred me to also look into a TAG kart for myself. I have some brief road course experience with Yamahas many years back before going full size dirt car racing for the last 10 years. Located in Northeast PA so primarily looking to run in NJ and NY (OVRP – tag master looks like a healthy class).

    Just a couple quick questions if someone could help out…

    1. I weight between 195-200. I would assume potentially to look for something 32 MM for my weight to be competitive? Any recommendations?

    2. To follow up with end of 1st question. I have the funds to go completely new but do not know if I want to put out that kind of investment if I am going to be out to lunch with my weight. Was looking at the Righetti Ridolfi Extreme Kart with a PDR Fireball package. It looks like I can get a complete package race ready in the neighborhood of $5k. Is this package even legal for these are and is the package a decent move to be competitive or should I look for a more well known setup possibly used?

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    Greg Wright

    Definitely look for something more well known. The PRD doesn’t generally compete well with other TAG engines and not much is known at least by me about the chassis although I believe that one is actually made in China.

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    TJ Koyen

    Agree with Greg. PRD was never really competitive with the other TaG engines and not even sure if it’s still legal. Will also be tough to make it even close with your weight. The PRD was usually run at the lowest minimum class weight compared to the other engines because it was underpowered.

    Would also skip on the Extreme Kart. You should be able to pick up a reasonably nice used package with a better known brand. More popular brand names are easier to find parts and tuning advice for so they are almost always a better investment in the long run. Talk to some local kart shops at your local tracks and see what they have for used inventory. Also a good way to strike up a relationship with someone local who can point you in the right direction on chassis setup and getting you spare parts.

    But yes, would generally be looking for a 32mm kart at your size. 30/32 would probably also work fine, depends on the manufacturer. Some brands’ 30/32 is stiffer than other brands 32. It depends on materials and geometry as well. But in general, either of those sizes should work.

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