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      Loy Seal

      I want to move up to TAG Masters this year. I have a Margay Brava 1.6 chassis and a TopKart Flash, both with 50 mm axles. Which would be a better TAG chassis? I weigh 185.

      Engine wise, which would be better for club racing, a 2008 key start Leopard or a new PRD Fireball and why?

      I would also appreciate your help with any suggestions you may have. PS. I am 63 years old and race Chondas.



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      TJ Koyen

      Either chassis will probably be fine, it’ll be more dependent on which brand is supported more by local shops.

      Engine-wise, you’ll want to go Leopard. It’s basically the most popular engine of the TaG class, it’s more competitive and it’s more reliable than the Fireball. The Fireball is largely outclassed in the TaG class.

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      Lawrence Doty

      I wouldn’t say the PRD is less reliable…but I would agree that the Leopard is a stronger motor.

      PRD cost less.

      Some tracks have a spec PRD class.

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