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      Joe Bowen

      Hey guys I’m new to Karting and am just trying to learn about what I have and the things I should probably do this winter during the off season to be ready next spring. I don’t know anybody local yet so I’m leaning on forums (this is the first I’ve found that is up to date) to learn.

      I bought a used Kart from a guy local. He intended to race but never did so he isn’t a very good go to guy. Anyways the kart is a CRG Heron Plus with a Rotax 125. From the research I’ve done is the chassis is a little older but in excellent shape I figure it will work for now to get track time and maybe a season or two under my belt.  The engine is where I have no idea if it’s old and outdated or not. It starts up and runs but that’s about all I know. should I just install the required race tires, fuel and go run it and see where it’s at? or should I just take it to the local kart shop and have it overhauled? I can add pics of what I have to help give me any advice or knowledge of what I bought.

      Thanks in advance and look forward to joining the karting community

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      tony zambos

      Since you’re new to the sport, I’d start with a visit to your local kart shop. It’s a good time of the year to get acquainted with the shop owner. Have him look at the motor and carb so you’ll have a dependable power plant to start with. With an older motor, you should concider the upgrade to the new style clutch.  As far as tuning the motor, you will need some basic knowledge of the power valve and how to jet the carb.  Below is a link to a tuning manul for a CRG.

      And you should concider some software and a guage.  Mychron gauges  are common and you can download your data into Race Studio for analysis.  Race Studio is free to download.  At some point my wish to purchase jetting software.  I’ve only used Jet-Tech and will recommend it.

      Also you will need pen and paper.  Take notes on weather and track conditions, plus chassis setups.  Good luck and you might want to bring a buddy with you to the track.


      http://www.rotaxjetting.com/     (jetting swoftware)

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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