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      Mike Prokup

      Anyone know new rules? Not sure how a KT 100 can compete against a kpv….



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      Mark Erpelding

      A Yamaha will not compete evenly against a KPV…  I raced against them years ago when they called them HPV…  The HPV has a lot more off the corner…This is just a band aid to try and fix the lack of participation in the now Yamaha pipe class…   Great Idea!!  Take two classes combine them and still not have as many entries as they had in Yamaha Senior can…  Wake up and smell the 2 cycle!!!!  GO back to the can!!!!    Coke a Cola messed with their proven winning formula and it didn’t take long to go back…  Admit your mistake WKA and go back and we will return!!!

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      TJ Koyen

      They run this class out west with a spec pipe and it is pretty popular. Not sure on the specifics with the WKA rules though and how they achieve parity between engines. They can be made to be similar in speed pretty easily with weight, exhaust, and clutch spec.

      Depends on what clutch setup you run, but a Yamaha can with a clutch that comes in around 9k will almost always trump a KPV with a clutch that comes in at 5k off the corner. But the KPV will start to run away at the top end.

      But again, depends on what WKA has for specs on the two engines.

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        Stu Hayner

        I race in the F100 series out in Southern California, which is the series TJ is talking about.

        Even though the HPV/KPV engines out number the KT’s, the way the rules are set, the KT engines are a pretty good match.

        The KT’s are allowed to run at a lower weight and the clutch Is open. A good driver in a dialed in kart can win with the KT set up, especially on the tighter tracks.

        Both engines are 100cc air pumps with the same carbs and pipes. They should be close. Most guys seem to like the new pipes on the Yamaha over the cans, and quite a few think they sound better.

        The racing has been very close at every track, and gets better every month. The next race is Nov 30 and we are expecting over 50 100cc drivers. (They had 41 last race)

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        If you’d like to know more, go to F100karters.com.

        Great fun!


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      Dan Schlosser

      The rules need to come out NOW. The longer they wait, the lower the participation.

      After driving the Pipe I can’t imagine why anyone would want to listen to/drive the Can. The Can was a dying class at Pitt Race/BeaveRun but is finding new life with the Pipe. From 3-4 karts the year before with the Can to 9 at the end of last year on the Pipe and an expected 12-15 to start next year.

      Looking forward to seeing the rules so I can try to sell the package/concept to my customers for local and traveling races.  Only takes a quick look at the success the F100 Series is finding to see how this should/could work.

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        Ray Mcik

        I would like to know how many ran both classes ?

        As to the can, it is tried and true and works, but it will say that the pipe does add some nice low end but adds another $270 to the cost of a already expensive hobby.

        I wonder just how long they will keep this current pipe with out changing it..

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      Gary Lawson

      not sure how helpful this will be but the old style yamaha pipe vs the KPV was very even. I think the yamaha was usually faster. It had more bottom and more top but the KPV was faster in the mid range. I would think they will really do their best to not mess this class up. THey know it doesn’t have many mistakes left before it is extinct.

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      Walt Gifford

      Whatever happened to that 4 hole can that had the muffler extension on it?

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      Ray Mcik

      Whatever happened to that 4 hole can that had the muffler extension on it?


      We called it Can on a Stick, we ran that class at  club level for a short period for the heavier karters, it got a bit expensive with clutches and lack of interest.

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