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    Brett Clatt

    I heard that there’s been an upgrade to the wire harnesses and samples were out in Vegas.

    My question is: Are they going to send out new harnesses to those of us who have the new EVO motors and upgrades? Free right? When?

    Anybody know the answers?


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    Christian Fox

    Yes, there is a new harness and a new bracket for the coil and ECU. You get one new harness per engine serial number. You must exchange your old harness in order to get a new one. They are starting the exchange process at round one of the FWT in Homestead. They have not stated yet how the exchange process will work for everyone not  going to FWT.

    If you sign up on Maxpeed’s email list, they send these updates out.

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    Ambrose Buldo

    Intersting news… Took us a couple months to get EVO Upgrade sorted on our engine. Had to purchase the update to the upgrade kit. Even with their recommended mounting can’t believe components and wires would last long. Inspired by someone on one of the other boards I put go-pro looking backwards towards rear wheel and electronics. You’d be amazed at how much movement there is.

    I look forward to seeing details on the new harness. I could not find a way to register or get on MaxSpeed mail list so I sent them a message.

    I did find this press update: http://www.rotax-kart.com/en/Community/Newsroom/2015/56-Customer-Information-Update-Rotax-125-MAX-Evo-Engine-Series

    Seems like they are directing you to work with local dealer.

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    Christian Fox

    The new bracket looks much better, I think it effectively sandwiches the coil and ECU between metal plates with rubber isolators so they don’t flop around. Not sure how I originally signed up for updates, but I do get emails from Maxspeed with the stuff.

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    Brett Clatt

    Any new news yet? I haven’t seen anything yet. I’m getting anxious since our season starts in two and a half months. I don’t feel like dumping cash to have spare old style harnesses, but I also don’t feel like waiting to the last minute for Rotax to make a decision.

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      Phil Laird

      Email : sales@gorotax.com

      Give them your engine ser# , shipping address and phone #.

      There may be another way now, I’m not sure, but I already got my harness and bracket kit a few weeks ago.

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    Scott Harmon

    The new harness worked great for us and is a much improved design.  The only thing to be aware of is the mounting of the ground wire.  For the new harness, the ground mounts to the bracket, not the cylinder head.

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