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      Glad to have finally found a good forum for the karting world!

      Id liketto start off with a little bit of a back story.  My dad was heavily involved in karting from 89-97, and quit when I was 3. I cantremember a time when I brought up gokarts and he didn’t phase out thinking and reminiscing on the good times he had and his karts. I got heavily involved with giant scale aerobatic model airplanes at the age of 14, and my dad doesnt know too much about that world, but he enjoys to watch the contests etc. They run on a single cyl 50cc 2 stroke, all the way up to a 200cc flat quad 2stroke gas engines, weighing up to 40lbs in flying weight. I must say, its alot of fun, will always be a part of me, but contests are slowing down, and its not really a good bonding for the pops and I. I told my dad I had been researching karts and I saw the biggest smile on his face. We searched the internet for hours him and I. He was quite an accomplished driver, and how convenient is it to have him as a dad!

      So, on to my question. Where do I want to start? What class, what are some chassis makes, engine names,  clubs, anything. I’m quite stoked about all this, looking farward to hearing from some of you, thanks in advance!

      Ps. If you arw interested in sseeing what the flying is all about, heres a link to my 3rd flight on my new 100cc flat twin 35% scale extra 300! Love the smell and sound! Hanger 9 Extra 300 Throwdown with Tomas Simatovic!: http://youtu.be/xgVO-U1YenY

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      Stu Hayner

      OMG! If anyone reading this thinks they’ll just skip the YouTube video, DONT!!

      You will be blown away with this amazing plane and even a more amazing pilot. Congrats Tomas!!!!

      Ok… Back to karting. Please look at f100karters.com. This series is there to help new guys get started – advance them as a driver and enjoy karting without being so high pressure. It has produced some great racing and I recommend this series to ANYONE just starting or guys that enjoy karting and just want to have fun.


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      Thank you so much for the kind words! I was laughing myself when I found out that karts are running the same size motor as my plane, HAHA.

      Once again, back to karting! Lol. Thanks so much for the reccomendation! I am quite excited to move forward with this!  I will be checking it out immediately!  Thanks again!

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      tony zambos

      Welcome to karting and EKN. Start with finding local tracks and go out and watch them race. Better yet, if it’s a practice day, wonder around the pits and ask questions. The shifters will look impressive but you’re not going to have the skill set to jump into one of them right now. Look for well populated classes. That will make it easier to find answers. And just because you’ll see a large field in a race, that doesn’t mean they’re all the same class. Also find out what shops people are using.

      This site and it’s older version (EKN Classsic) have search functions that will allow you to do research. Or fire away here. Good luck and have fun.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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