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      Cameron Engle

      Hey everyone. First off I’m totally new to karting. I have not a lot of general knowledge to it but I’m trying to get something going. I have a local flat dirt track that people race lawnmowers and parts on and I’m trying to get into it. Im looking at a kart i was told come from somewhere around nevada “Im from Alabama” and all I’ve ever done was drag race or rally type. The kart I’m looking at I’m not real sure what brand it is and unfortunately I do not have any pictures yet to post of it but I’m hoping some one with a little more knowledge could give me a little advice about it and maybe the karting world in general. Engines and trans and brakes. What I need to do before I set on the kart and take off. I literally have no idea about it lol. The info I have on the kart is it looks to be a all aluminum chassis with a S symbol close to the pedals and a gx270 Honda engine on it. It doesn’t have a shifter it’s a automatic and the body is all but gone on it. It has a Tilley seat a 5 point harness aluminum rims with Hoosier slicks and willwood disc brakes that’s about all I know to say about it I know it’s hard to Id something with out pictures but untill I can get some that’s all I have to go on. Any help would be nice and any advice is appreciated.

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      You’re right, it will be hard for us to give you any advise with out any pictures

      Is this an ad from Craigslist by any chance?

      If so, you can just copy and paste the ad for us to look at it.

      Welcome to the sport.

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      Cameron Engle

      First off I wanna say I absolutely hate auto correct lol. It was suppose to be karting world not jarring. Yes I’ve physically laid my hands on the kart and set in the seat but didn’t think to take pictures. Tomorrow I’ll be back around it and I’ll snap some then. No it’s not a Craigslist post. I was thinking if anyone knew maybe if a larger company of some sorts had a stamping style or a signature of stamping the chassis  of what almost looked like a snap on S. That’s about all I have to go on atm. Idk if the gx270 came on the cart or if it was swapped.

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      Rob Howden

      Hi Cameron,

      First off, let us know where you are from. Where do you live?

      If you want to get into karting, maybe we can point you in a more organized direction.

      I’d definitely like to see photos of this kart, but its sound like it might be a project where you’d have to spend unneeded money bringing it back to life.

      Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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