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      Tom Tanner

      Anyone out in the Redondo Beach area that wants to show me around to the nearest kart tracks?

      Input on what good shops are around, tracks, race series, practice days and schedules.

      Could be running a tag, 100cc dd or KZ for fun or racing.

      Looking to move my stuff over here but need some tracks to race at and I know there in CA.



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      David Cole

      Hello Tom,

      Welcome to EKN.

      Check out this thread that was just started. HERE

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Tom Tanner

      Thanks David,

      I was on the old forum site alot, and most of my recent racing has been road racing and Im looking for both road racing series and sprint track local series. Im very familiar with Skusa also.


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      jack lachut

      tom, the tracks in socal area would be

      calspeed karting in Fontana –  los angeles karting club

      adams motorsports track in riverside

      grange racetrack in apple valley

      apex karting in perris

      f100 karters race series.

      check out there website as they have schedules for race and practice days.


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      Rod Hawkins


      It probably depends on what equip you run and what level you are use to racing.

      I love the F100 series. We race every track in the area (grange, calspeed, parris, Adams and willow springs). Best of all the guys are super nice to hang out with and very helpful. There are 3 levels, so if you are experienced, you will race against some of the fastest people around, if you are a beginner, the class still has 12-15 people in it every week.

      Check out f100 karters online.

      Some people will race the F100 series along with other series as well. The F100 series also has a shifter class as well (obviously not the same 100cc motor, but some guys like to run shifters and 100cc on the same day).

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