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      matt snyder

      I picked up two karts and had a couple questions what chassis are these exactly and what their worth


      The first one is a tony kart the frame says racer 53/ch/ 08 it has a kt 100 motor seems to be in good shape


      The second is a crg I think the frame says Charlotte it also has a kt100


      I picked these up on craigslist they didn’t run when I got them but I got them both started any info would help

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      David Cole

      Welcome Matt to EKN.

      Pictures would help. Thanks.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      matt snyder

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      matt snyder





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      Welcome to the sport, Matt.
      The Tony Kart is a 2008 Tony Racer
      And the other one I noticed it has Top Kart graphics, even though you mentioned it is a CRG. May be post a picture of the front part of the frame, where the steering column attaches to the floor pan? I wanna see the bracket from the frame to the steering column at the bottom.

      But yeah, otherwise I think you did good
      They’re both good options for the club level, or weekend warrior. Enjoy.

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      Jim Derrig

      The frame color of the second one is the old TopKart blue. ¬†Based strictly on that and the bodywork, I’m guessing a 2002 or older TopKart.

      The cross member behind the seat should have an ID plate or stamp indicating the manufacturer.

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