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      Paul Montbleau


      I used to race karts when I was young(7-8 years old), and obviously did not pay any attention to my kart maintenance at all because my father had hired a mechanic. It has been a long time and I just purchased an intrepid Sirius Kart with a Iame TAG X30 Shifter Motor. One of my issues is also that I cant find an x30 shifter class in southern California but ill figure that out.

      I work on my 2009 BMW M3 a lot currently(everything except suspension) and am a fanatic about doing constant oil changes(every 5k miles).

      So my question is, how much maintenance should i be doing? What should I be replacing regularly and when? Is there a guide or rule of thumb for general maintenance?

      The kart is a 2013 Intrepid Sirius Kart and the Iame X30 Shifter Engine has 3 hours of use on it.

      Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated!

      Thank you!

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      David Cole

      Hi Paul, welcome back.

      You should be able to race the X30 Shifter in the Open Shifter class at the LAKC program. They just held their last race at the CalSpeed Karting facility last weekend. Also check to see if So-Cal Karters, Willow Springs or Buttonwillow have Open Shifter classes at their facilities.

      The key to maintenance is going over the kart after every weekend on track. Check the kart for cracks, make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight, brake components are working properly. Engine wise, I normally consult with my engine service provider to see what I am suppose to be doing between races.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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