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      Jose Devares

      Hey E-Kart guys,

      I am looking to get into Karting. I have driven indoor go-karts in Grand Prix NY and in Pole Position but nothing was better than driving a real gas-powered kart in a local club karting event in Long Island. This has been something I have always wanted to do, due to my fascination of Formula 1 but I really have no direction as to where I should start. I always come out at the top in my local indoor karting events but I am getting used to the power and it’s not worth it for me anymore. I am located in New York City and wanted to know if there are any shops someone could recommend me that I would learn and buy the correct go-kart and equipment to practice and reach my goal to race in tournaments. I appreciate anyone’s input. Indeed I am a newbie but some professi0nal advice is always needed. Thanks!!


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      John DaCosta


      Please check you messages, I would be glad to assist you!


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