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      Justin Maley

      Hello all,

      I am brand new to Karting and have a son, 4 years old, I would like to get started racing when he gets to be old enough.

      I would like to get a Kart that will be competitive, if he ever is going for race wins, but will last for a few years while he is in the youngest class.

      I have been looking at the Birel B25 and the FA Micro. Are these smaller karts all pretty much the same and competitive? Is there a particular brand that will out last the other? Is there anything else I need to be keeping an eye out for?

      Thanks for any input.


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      Eric Stevens

      For racing you will want a Kid Kart not a Micro Kart. The Honda kid kart motor is what most are racing these days as well but it would be best to confirm with the local tracks and clubs you would race with. A Kid Kart chassis is never stressed much so they last a long time and buying used is a good option as well.




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      Mark Parker

      The otk (tony/fa/kosmic/exprit) kid kart for your son is called the micro. It’s available with the comer 50 from otk, I am not 100% sure if you can order one with the Honda right now or not.

      I liked that our FA micro was very easy to set up and the seat and pedals were easily adjustable without drilling. The FA is also less money than the Birel.

      Where are you located? You can demo ours if you are close

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      Justin Maley

      Thanks Mark. I am seriously considering the FA.

      We are in Texas. I have reached out to a couple dealers to find a FA but no word back yet. I guess to find a used one it is just a matter of looking on here and Craigslist. Is that correct?


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      Jim Derrig

      Two observations:  1.  What you want is what is being run at your local track, not the coolest thing available on the internet.

      2.  Kids have a knack for finding out what they want to do and can do well, which often doesn’t conform to their parent’s desires.  My dad was an all-state football and hockey player.  I sucked at both sports, but was pretty good at basketball and not terrible at auto racing, sports my dad cares not one wit about.  My daughter is a 4-year letterman in softball, a sport I find only slightly less boring that golf, and my son is deeply into ultimate frisbee (yes, it exists).  If you go out and buy a fancy toy be prepared for your son to hop in and be totally untalented, totally uninterested, or totally terrified, and be prepared to accept that without pressuring him to do what you want.

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      Matt Dixon

      ^^^+1 agree with Jim.
      With that being said, I bought a $1000 Emmick w/helmet for my 4 yr old son, drove it, he loved it, raced it for 4 years (won a bit) and sold it for $1000.

      Dont get caught up in the KK game. It just gets tougher (and more expensive) as they grow. Enjoy it now learn the ropes and wait till the Cadet years to go crazy…

      Karting with your kid is a great fun experience if your lucky enough to end up with a driver…


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