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      David carcamo

      So I have been very interested in karts, I am 28 years old and live in San Diego, I have been looking thru classified sites like Craig’s and see a few used karts, there is a variety and don’t know how to go about choosing a kart, I see minis, jr, cadets, different brands etc. My question is how do I know if the kart is good for me and/or make sure I’m not getting ripped off, or in general how do I know what is a good chassis/right kart for me.
      Any help will be greatly appreciated

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      tony zambos

      David, if you really want to do this, find two kart shops in the area and have a discussion with them. And find a track where you can watch. Most karters will be willing to talk at the track so long as they’re not thrashing a kart to ready it for their next track session. Besides finding a chassis, you’ll have to figure what class to run in and that will determine the type of engine to run. The minis, jr, cadet kart are all for those under 16.
      My advice would be not to consider a shifter kart. They look cool but will be way over you ability to drive safely in competition. A Yamaha KT100 would be a good place to start. Your kart shop will know the class situation in the area and be able to make recommendations. Find a class that has good participation. That way you’ll have a wealth of knowledge and spare parts to draw from. If you can, buy a kart and engine package from the same shop. You’ll get more support from them that way.
      You’ll find complete kart packages here in the classified section. I would prefer buying a kart that I could see and feel. Kart will bend, so you might have to have it straightened. Look for anything bent or excess wear on the bottom side of the frame rails. Your first kart may not be perfect, but the first kart will be a learning experience. Good luck.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Lisa Vitiello



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      David carcamo

      Awesome thanks for all the information, i will be going to the sdka event on april 19, i want to get all the information i can get specially since i would like to get more serious about the sport down the road, also my son is 3 so i want to be familiar with all aspects of the sport so i can be ready for him to race.
      When you say a yamaha kt100 do you mean something like this? This is just an example http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/for/4956373391.html

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      Sebastian Bacon


      Welcome to karting! This is an awesome sport, but it can be confusing. I definitely recommend talking to a shop and talking to local racers. MDG Karting in Orange, CA is a great shop that is only a short drive from you. I have known the owner, Stu Hayner, for a long time and he is very passionate about getting new racers into the sport of karting, and keeping them in the sport. He can answer all your questions and also set you up with a good kart that is ready to run for a good price. Check them out at http://mdgkarting.com/.

      Have fun and best of luck with your search!

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      Welcome to the forums, luckily you took the first step and actually posed a good question, which in turn means you are more then likely willing to take some advice :)

      I was just like you, and luckily for me I met Stu Hayner and if I had not trust me, I wouldn’t be into karting right now. Stu (MDG Karting) is genuinely one of the rare people who actually cares about your needs and not his WALLET’S needs.

      Stu has been around karting and for over 30 years, and it still amazes me how passionate he is about the sport. Definitely give him a call, you will be surprised at all the different options he has available. Everything from rentals for race day, excellent used karts (with support) to brand new karts. Stu will actually listen to what you would like out of a kart and the sport and give you the right advice to get you there.

      I purchased a used Kart from Stu and he set the kart up to fit my body and weight, showed up with the Kart for me the first day and kept the kart running. This is where dealing with Stu is a no brainer. I learned the theory of tire pressure, kart set-up, carb settings, track lines, etc…. all in the first day. I took that knowledge and was able to keep my kart running day after day.

      I was once told by another person very involved in the karting industry “nothing in karting is free”  Stu is a stand up guy and his reputation in the industry speaks for itself. Give Stu a call and be sure to LISTEN to his advice for FREE even if it’s not exactly what you want to hear. He knows what he is talking about!

      Also contact Sebastian Bacon (who posted above) and try to get involved with the F100 Group, absolutely the best times with that club!!! He is also another ambassador of the sport and works tirelessly to keep affordable competitive racing alive in SoCal

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      Rod Hawkins

      David, come to calspeed on April 11 to meet and watch some of the F100 guys. It’s a great club and lots of friendly and helpful people. Also, as mentioned above, Stu is a great resource. He can basically get you an great condition, almost like new Kart for about 1/2 the price. Usually a little bit more than the stuff you find on Craigslist, but with him you know it will work and you also get his advice and teaches you everything about the kart and will help fit it to you (which is the most important thing when setting up).

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      Jim Derrig


      I looked at your craigslist link.  That kart is an out-of-date piece of junk that hasn’t been legal to race for about 20 years.

      Which is a good description of 90% of what you see on craigslist.

      I strongly recommend that you purchase something through a kart shop or a kart from a CURRENT participant in a local racing series who has driven the kart RECENTLY in a race, so you know it can pass tech inspection.

      And remember this adage:  The cheapest thing about racing is buying the car.


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      David carcamo

      Thank you jim for taking the time and looking at the ad, i really appreciate it and i will keep away from craigslist, i will be going to calspeed on the 11th to check out the racing action, i really appreciate all the help and advise every one has given me thank you all

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      David carcamo

      Hi guys, i know i shouldnt be looking on craigslist but what about something like this losangeles.craigslist.org/ant/mcy/4962996736.html???
      Any advice will be greatly appriciated thank you

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        Doug Edwards


        San Diego Karting has a race next Sunday the 19th at Qualcomm stadium.

        Come to the track and talk to some of us.

        Check out the club and maybe we can help guide you into the sport.

        I’ll be at the race, stop by my pit and introduce yourself, I drive a Tony Kart shifter #9.

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      Bryan Mathews

      I have a F-100 kart for sell. 2013 FA Kart. Was bought from Stu at MDG. Kart is very fast and ready to race. Give me a call if your interested. 714 402 2528

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