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      Nazeer Khanani

      Just purchased a CRG with Maxter ICC motor for recreational use. I have been skimming the internet for info on these engines with little luck. I am looking for info on running, maintenance, rebuild, carbing,  troubleshooting, etc. Any books I should pick up? thanks!

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      Keith Bridgeman

      There are no manuals or much you will find on the internet.   The knowledge on these is all with the engine builders.   I have a maxter also and its a great engine.   But I do my rebuilds with Joe White at JWR.   I can just ask him all the questions you had.   Swedetech would be the same way.    In general this is the way it is with most karting engines,


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      Glenn L Riggs

      Welcome to some of the most fun you can have on 4 wheels. But as Keith has stated there are no manuals for set up. There are programs for jetting but you need to set a baseline first before it is accurate. Richer than you need to be works well. These engine has a considerable amount of over rev.  But my advise would be not to max out rpms and it will live for a ling time. What area do you plan to race at? If your with ces series in the midwest would be glad to help you out. As far as maintenence it`s hard to say. If jetted nice and not over reved  a piston every ten gallons will probably go a most of the season. To be safe a lower end 1/2 way thru season. Have fun

Viewing 2 reply threads
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