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      Hey guys,

      Very very new to this sport, Came across this setup as a whole. Runs and drives, comes with everything pictured. Can someone please help me identify what is here and what it is worth?

      Thank you for the help in advance.

       photo 12948593_10154180001179274_1864430427_o_zpsn6yfqjuf.jpg

       photo 12952764_10154180001279274_318336678_o_zps5gcevnmm.jpg


       photo 12953080_10154180001044274_985297046_o_zpsyj6jaqtx.jpg


       photo 12941153_10154180001209274_1011039947_o_zpsixkvw0gt.jpg


       photo 12941086_10154180001114274_1032140657_o_zpsrxaoldvc.jpg


       photo 12922179_10154180000729274_131553511_o_zpsgg5bpafv.jpg


       photo 12922267_10154180001164274_472505226_o_zpszzqbi6wh.jpg


       photo 12922095_10154180000989274_1069989211_o_zpsfoeslf86.jpg


       photo 12922060_10154180001244274_1551349268_o_zpsfxe2cqa4.jpg


       photo 12921919_10154180000934274_1562286765_o_zpswc51uatm.jpg


       photo 12914843_10154180001089274_986402130_o_zps0vd43rvg.jpg


       photo 12915027_10154180001014274_140472619_o_zpsswpt4yrq.jpg


       photo 12915248_10154180000794274_198473266_o_zpsrukxrocb.jpg


       photo 12903510_10154180000714274_967895901_o_zpso7zard3a.jpg


       photo 12914762_10154180000734274_1143079391_o_zpsy0fdn0bk.jpg


       photo 12914987_10154180000889274_1455396396_o_zpskz7ciolx.jpg

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      Scott Sigafoos

      Pm sent

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      Frank Cire

      What a gorgeous beasty!

      Appears to be a 1″ axle and a dry clutch, if so then maybe late 70’s Margay chassis? Maybe late 80’s or early 90’s body work?  I assume aluminum tanks are hiding under the body work.  Body is not aerodynamic enough to run with a modern kart.  If it is a 1″ axle, the axle is too flexible for use with modern sticky tires.  Too old to be competitive, but maybe too young to be vintage because of the body work.

      A whooped on but complete enduro kart from that era with aluminum tanks sells in the $600 to $700 range.  But for a nice looking kart like that, value is in the eye of the beholder.

      It’s a beautiful example of Americana vehicle culture.  If someone buys it to part it out, there is a special place in hell reserved for them, plus the parts won’t be worth much.  If you do get it, see if a road racing club will let you run it in in a road race in a vintage or a  “run what you brung” class.  Also run it with harder tires or it will hop like a bunny in the corners.

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      Greg Wright

      Definitely a Margay, can’t see the axle clutch well enough to ID.

      Greg Wright
      Rapid Racing Inc.
      Vintage B-Stock Pilot
      "When in doubt Gas it, It won't help but it ends the suspense."

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