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      Tim Salvatore

      Will these new carburetors be replacing the old Dellorto carbs in official Rotax Max series forcing everyone to get one? As it sounds they will be much easier to tune with being able to change the settings during a lap and probably as people get used to them take advantage of changing conditions during a race. So are they going to be legal in most North American karting series?

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      David Cole

      I think this would be something to see in Open or Unlimited classes. What happens to older Rotax motors that are no longer used in RMC events?

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Peter De Saegher

      @ John Savage : Do you have plans to add this carb on the Jet tech software ?

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      John Savage


      You can already use the ‘pumper’ carb section in Jet-Tech Pro to accurately jet this carb

      Jetting and Kart Set-up Software


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      Tim Salvatore

      So the BRP press release answered my question for me. Darn I was looking forward to a carb that could be fiddled with on track.

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