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    Robert Horvath

    Go Kart Shifter friends,


    New Tillotson HM-1A Carb 42mm venturi  ( for the open expert classes )

    After much searching on the Internet and checking all the google images / drawings I finally found a OEM direct fit intake manifold adapter for the Honda CR125 Shifter engine with the correct diagonal bolt spacing for the latest Tillotson HM-1A Carb All-new 42mm venturi Nemesis Class carburetor.  Features Mikuni-style boot connection,  external pulse, and fully adjustable high and low needles….or you can now adjust your Go Karts Carb. mixture by remote control  from your steering wheel or from the pits.  See the Tillotson links  and / or my youtube link at the bottom:……It has a built in double stack fuel pump to boot.

    So instead of trying to shoehorn this larger Tilly carb with its 50mm spigot connection into the OEM CR125 45mm intake boot

    I found this item >

    Spigot Mount Flange Sea Doo 951 Jet Ski (Black Band) Mikuni part number  I-VM44-200-1


    Coupled up with a part number 301 VForce3 reed valve system available from Sharkshifter it is a sweet fit….No curves…Very short…and a Very large bore …. you’ll have to open it up with a Dremel tool the V Force air guide and port match it to the larger intake boot in order to take full advantage of all the extra fuel this setup can supply to the CR125.

    A nice factory looking intake assemblely…For a very clean look.

    Tillotson HM-1A Racing link:


    Tillotson Racing — SA-502 Dual Precision Jet – Remote Jet Controller


    Tillotson Racing single Precision Jet controler


    SharkShifter Racing Link:


    Hot Products Mikunie parts catalog link:


    Good Racing Bob Horvath

    Oconomowoc Wi 53066 U.S.A




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    James McMahon

    Hot damn, that’s a big venturi. How’s partial throttle response.

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    Robert Horvath

    Yes it is James.

    I’ll let you know after today!

    Bob Horvath

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