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      Chris Fraser

      One of the things that always bothered me about the old style exhaust manifold is that I could never quite get it to seal due on the angle it’s setup on my kart, and if I tried to use the red RLV sealant it would also come out after the first drive. This is on a 2009 rotax sr.

      I see that rotax put out a new exhaust socket with a gasket with the Evo motors.



      I’m considering buying this, but two questions for those in the know:

      1) This is not included with the Evo Upgrade kits from maxspeed, correct?

      2) Will this socket work with the old style (2009) exhaust, or only with the newer style evo exhaust?

      Thank you!

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      Chris Fraser

      Doh! After I posted this, I called up fastech.  The guy took a look and said he thought it would fit, and the new style exhaust has the same bell shape to it where it mounts up.  If anyone has any positive/ negative experiences with the new part, feel free to post!

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      Brett Clatt

      Not included with the upgrade kit.
      You get the ignition, wireharness, power valve, carb and battery box.

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      I have the new exhaust socket on a non evo 2014 motor.  You have to get the socket, gasket and new style exhaust springs.  The only issue I had was the springs mount a little farther out and was hitting the seat strut.  The gasket is also hard to get on the exhaust socket, one time out no exhaust leaks!

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      Chris Fraser

      Thanks for the replies!  Didn’t know about the springs.  I will be ordering.

      As lame as this sounds, I’m as excited for this part as any of the other new evo upgrades.

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      Scottie Melancon

      Installed the new style exhaust socket on our upgraded motor and mated to old style exhaust socket using old style springs.  The required mating gasket has plastic/metallic feel and is very fragile. I broke one while attempting to slide it on the new exhaust socket. Decided to run it anyway and appeared to seal very well. No leaks, even with a broken gasket. Consider buying a few spares or being very careful putting it on the socket.

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        Ted Murphy

        +1 Scottie

        I split my gasket somewhat while gently sliding it onto the new socket too. As for spares, I wonder how long it will be before dealers have spare items like exhaust springs, gaskets, floats, carb needle, battery box (i’m waiting to see who breaks the switch first when your kids steps on it).


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      Chris Fraser

      I got mine in and ran is last weekend as well.  I used the new style springs but it looked like the old style would work as well, at least on my kart.

      My gasket didn’t break but I did notice some distress marks when putting it over the socket.  The old style exhaust fit over the gasket a little more loosely than I expected, however,  I didn’t notice any oil leaking out at all –  success!

Viewing 6 reply threads
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