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      Warren Chamberlain

      I’ve been working on a project I call Speed Craft for 30+ years, and finally have my website up.


      The topic is very detailed explorations of the techniques of driving (mental and otherwise) which I have prepared in the hopes that they may help driver’s improve their performance, if that is something they need, or for drivers who are already quick, it may offer a possible explanation of why they are quick.

      Below is some of the key content on the site:
      CORE Skill 1 – Reducing the Sensation of Speed
      Race Walking
      Imagery Training for Racers
      Concentration for Racers

      Anyway, there is currently a reasonable amount of information on the site (enough to be useful I hope), but what is there only represents 25% – 30% percent of what I have to say about driving/racing, so I will be adding to the site as time permits.

      Warren Chamberlain

      Speed Craft
      The Way of Intuitive Speed
      The Spiral to Speed

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