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      Kalvin Chen

      Formula Karting Championship (FKC) is a karting series created by a group of karting enthusiasts in SoCal to make karting great again. FKC and SoCal Shifters are joining forces to make this a reality in 2018.

      Our plan is to create a series where racers can race competitively in a safe and friendly environment.

      We believe that if you own a 100cc kart (KPV or TAG100 -ROK /IAME) or a shifter kart ( ROK, Honda CR125, ICC) , you can race with us.

      Sadly, in the past few years, the number of active go kart racers in this region have gone down significantly. We recognize that there are racers out there who want to race, but may not have a huge budget and a lot of free time to do so. You may just be that hobby karter who has a small trailer and an EZ-UP who wants to race on Saturday, and go back to work on Monday. Perhaps you are an avid advance karter who wants to race in a variety of different circuits in SoCal such as Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, Adams, Grange and Calspeed on your one of your free weekends.

      We are not here to sell you everything. We leave that responsibility to our local kart shops. We are here to put together a series that will bring you some very high quality track time at a very affordable price. Let’s bring the family atmosphere back in the sport and enjoy karting in its purist form.

      Our first race will he held at Apex Karting Center.

      More information is available at:

















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      John Barthelmass

      Great to see you guys are keeping grass-roots sprint racing alive in Southern California. There’s a real need for a group that keeps the racing friendly and local. Hey, it’s just a 2200 mile tow for me to get there nowadays, hmmmmm……..

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