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      Elise Tryphine


      I have rented karts many times over the past two years, and I am finally ready to really get into the sport–but there are so many pieces to it! I’ve been gleaning some great bits of info from the forum and plan to talk to my local tracks soon, plus hopefully make it out to a race to chat some people up.

      One important question that I haven’t seen answered:

      My friend and I are planning to share a kart. I’ve seen people mentioning having the kart set up for the driver; is that something that can be changed easily within an event? We are of similar height, but about 60 pounds different in weight.

      Also, if anyone has any insight into what’s classes are popular/fun/competitive in Florida, I’d appreciate it! Seems like we have at least three different series and all sorts of different choices. And then I just have to figure out which kart makes the best sense and find one! :)

      Thank you!


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      tony zambos

      Welcome new karter,
      60 pounds difference could mean that both of you won’t fit in the same seat properly. A properly fitting seat and set placement is important. Knew two guys that did the same thing that you are planning. What they did was to alternated driving duties between race weekends. With that method, between weekends you could swap in the proper seat for the driver of the next weekend.
      Chassis adjustments are not hard. Know which one and how much will be the problem.
      For a class, look for one that runs a Yamaha kt100 with a can muffler, a KVP or the LO206 Briggs 4-cycle.
      Have fun.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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        Elise Tryphine

        Thank you so much for the information! That helps a lot with planning–and makes some good sense.

        Thank you also for the engine recommendations. I will definitely look into those. :)

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      Jim Derrig


      One thing Tony didn’t mention, and it’s a serious consideration, is the amount of mechanical/maintenance effort that can go into a kart (even without battle damage).  On that basis alone, I’d tend to stay away from a 2-stroke engine, at least for now, as they are more finicky and maintenance-hungry than the LO206.  Learning how to tune 2-strokes for race day is a fine art and a steep learning curve.

      Also, changing seats can be a big pain in the rear.  60 pounds is a huge weight difference, so the mounting points will be very different.  There probably will be a lot of pushing/forcing/grunting involved.  You’ll be swapping out seat struts in addition to using the kart’s built-in mounting points, so you could be looking at as many as 12 different bolts, several of which might not be very easy to access.

      My concern is that once you add swapping seats to all of the regular maintenance that can go with a kart, you’ll become discouraged as you’ll be spending too much time turning wrenches relative to the amount of time on the track.



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