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    wayne hayden

    racers how would you guys like to run in a club were you can still run all the old good stuff kt100 kvp comers rotax Hondas need in put what you guy think we are almost ready to get the new club going . we will have the best prices to race we will also have over night camping Saturday testing no gate fee just pay the clubs ins . I am looking to bring fun back to karting we are all new staff we can also do night racing in the summer time please let me know what you guys think thanks
    rule coming very soon

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    That may not be such a bad idea
    Would they run at the big track once in a while?
    How many guys do you have by now?

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      wayne hayden

      hi freedy  I don’t think they would ok that for us because of the kid but we will have a lot of good classes for everyone to run.  and tech will not be done buy a engine builder got about 25 people so far. it will be very affordable club to race at  just in the works for now what classes would you be run …

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        Rod Hawkins

        What does this reply mean “I don’t think they would ok that for us because of the kid”?

        I would be interested in driving 3 hrs up there to race the big course (something not really offered anywhere else in socalf), but for the sprint course? Nope.

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          wayne hayden

          the tracks ins wont let kid from 5 – 13 on the big track , but we will have one race on a temporary circuit just to spice it up

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    wayne hayden

    here are just some of the great classes we will have
    kid kart for 5-7 year olds
    rookie comer 7-11 year olds with restrictor
    j1 comer 8-12 year olds
    rookie sportsman 8-12 year olds cadet kart with kt100 4 hole can wa55 carb
    jr sportsman 12-15 kt100 4 hole can big carb
    all shifters – kt 100 16 up 360 lbs like to do some vintagkarting
    prd 1 -2 yc heavy senior 100 cc

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    That sounds interesting!

    I currently run the YC Heavy at a 390 pipe, and 410 can

    My Son runs with the Super Seniors at 360

    We are getting fed up with the lack of professionalism


    They owe me a 2nd place trophy and a 1st place name tag/plaque for my 1st place trophy, as they messed up the order a few months ago, I’ve asked them several times about it, and to this day NOTHING!

    I’m really getting tired of all the lack of customer service, and low class operation.

    We may just join you, 1.5 hours from Bakersfield is not bad at all

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      wayne hayden

      that wont happen here, we would love for you and your son to join us

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    That would be awesome! Wayne.

    Where is this temporary circuit at, Wayne?

    Would this be like the streets of Lancaster, or Road Island, like a downtown Grand Prix?

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      wayne hayden

      hi freddy we will run yc heavy got some cool places iam checking out for it ,,, I will also offer a class for first time racer

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    Hey, Wayne
    I meant to ask you.
    Did you end up selling that little cadet kart?
    I need a roller for a project I’m working on, and the funny thing is: It is to introduce people to the sport at the local track.

    But I need something economy, just like that little MS kart you have.
    Please ignore this, if you’ve already sold it, but please keep your eyes open for an older cadet kart. Thanks

    P.S. When are you guys going out to Willow Springs next? May be we’ll head over that way for a test.

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      wayne hayden

      yea the cadet sold ill ask round for ill help you get one let me know what weekend work for you to come down and test thanks we will also al some tests dates before the club starts its only 25 dollars for one kart and driver to test all day here track has vp fuel if you need some thanks buddy

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    Ray Chiappe

    Rod, we raced on the big track 4 times this year with Karts. Once in Mar. with a vintage Sports Car club. We had our own track time of course. And 3 times with Norther Cal Karters witch was also shared with a Car Club. Had plenty of track time. NCK is a Road Race Club. We are running at Sonoma’s big track Thanks Giving Sat.

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    wayne hayden

    racers and friends
    how many of you would enjoy a new season of racing in 2015 at willow spring kart track on a Saturdays all new faces running the show tech man will not be a engine builder will we have a lot of kids classes from kids kart to senior we will run too heat at 8 lap mains will be 15 lap im working on getting the 10 dollar gate fee waved so you only pay the club ins save 10 bucks rite the club will be fun and cost effective all kids 5-7 kid kart will pay only 50 buck to race , will all will have the same tires, one race will be old tire only day, any gas can be used to help cut the cost we are looking for beginners to pros please email me for more info thanks real racers race any were

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