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      Kelly Read

      I have had a lot of people contacting me on how the testing of the new clutch is going.

      IT IS AWESOME!!!

      We did TRACK testing on it this past weekend and it performed flawlessly. The version we tested with was for low stall engagement like on a Tag motor. We had a 08 Leopard as the motor on a Rocket chassis with a 40mm axle. We started out with 6000 RPM clutch engagement which is the maximum engagement allowed in KART & WKA to see how it held up and performed. Then we started lowing the engagement 1000 RPM at a time down to 3000 RPM. Same results, GREAT!! They have the weights and springs perfect for a tag out of the box.

      Some things I like about it is:

      1) No tinkering with it like some people do with the engine clutch (been there, done that). As an example, spraying the friction hub to gain getting off the line. No worries of burning the linings off especially if you are on the brake and throttle at the same time especially at the starting line like you can on a engine clutch.

      2) Easy to adjust.

      3) I believe the plan is to have it for 1 1/4″ up to 50mm axles.

      4) $$$$$. From my experience, I see paying for this in 1 season, 2 at the most compared to what I have spent on engine clutch parts if pricing is under $1000.00.

      I believe one for other engines (Yamaha, etc) will be tested over the next few weekends.

      If you have questions, give me a shout.

      Kelly Read

      316-218-3645 (C)


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      David Moffitt

      Great report on the new Horseman axle clutch.  I have long believed that the supplied engine clutches on TAG engines were totally inadequate for road race applications. Happy to hear that Horstman realized the need and stepped up to the plate, and perhaps more importantly, that KART is not “married” to the spec “package” programs that have had unintended consequences.

      Hope it all works out.

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      Bruce Peck

      Any word on testing and general availability of these for typical road race classes?

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      Bruce Peck

      I was able to get info on this.  They’re shooting for having the 1-1/4″ enduro models available in September.

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        Kelly Read


        It was actually KART & WKA who got behind this.


        THANKS for posting the above. Been kind of busy especially with 2 kids getting married in the same year!!!LOL

        As for the regular enduro kart clutch, I was told it was great.

        As for availability, the clutch as a whole is currently in production and will be available come September. As for parts like floaters & discs, they are now available. This should help those with the older clutches as the new floaters & discs fit that clutch also.

        As for the clutch for the tag karts we are testing, we will be going to Hallett July 15/16 to test it there as this is a low gear ratio track and probably the lowest gearing any of us run anywhere I’m guessing (16-84 on a stock Leopard). I’m interested in seeing if the springs we currently have for when we ran a 16-76 ratio works for Hallett. I will have a softer spring just in case.

        Keep you posted

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          Kelly Read

          Testing at Hallett with a low gear ratio went good. We didn’t even have to change the springs from the higher gear ratio we had ran at another track.

          Next up is HPT (mid gear ratio between what we have ran so far) August 11/12.

          Talking to the driver who is testing the clutch for all other 2-cycle motors, says his has been great. He has even taken his apart and all looks good.

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            Kelly Read

            Testing the clutch at HPT this past weekend had the same results as the other tests went, AWESOME!!!

            On the previous test sessions I did not go after a win, I went after what would the clutch do or not do. At those races, I put gearing CLOSE but not right on and had our flex length not where we would normally have it and set clutch from anywhere from 3000 – 6000 clutch engagement and worked the piss out of it so Horstman had facts.

            At HPT this past weekend, I dialed Lindsay in to win!!! I had the clutch engagement at 5500. She had a great battle with 2 other drivers for the lead from the start up to the final lap at which time she pulled in to not interfere with the other 2 drivers as they were in the points championship and she couldn’t have placed anyway as we were not legal due to the axle clutch. You can see a pic of this on her facebook page.

            My opinion, this clutch WILL save the racer money let alone the work and time to change clutches out at the track!! I had a KART director tell me this weekend that he had a TAG competitor tell him that KART needed to approve it as he himself was spending $200.00 a weekend on engine clutches and if we want to keep racers in our sport, then this needs to be approved. This made me happy to hear as I have said this before but having someone that I didn’t know say the same thing, that is good!!!

            I have recommended to the KART directors to approve this new clutch in the TAG classes (only class that runs clutches outside of the 4-cycles that axle clutches are not legal in) for the 2018 season.

            Anyone have any questions, contact me at either 316-218-3645 or Kelly.read@westarenergy.com




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              Kelly Read

              We tested the clutch this past weekend at LAKE AFTON for the last time.

              RESULTS: NO CHANGE!! It worked flawlessly the entire weekend.


              1) Is it faster? NO. The past 2 races I had Lindsay set up for the WIN and she battled for the lead. Did she win, NO. Could she, ??. Even if she would have, it would have been close!! Just an FYI, she pulls in at the end to not interfere with the others who are in the points. Even Lindsay can’t say if she would have won.

              2) What about maintenance? With 4 races along with several hours of practice, all I have done is changed the oil and measured the springs.

              3) What advantage does it have over a engine clutch? 1) Can’t cheat!! What I mean by that is that those who spray there friction hub to help the clutch slip off the line to get a jump on the others, that is cheating in my mind. 2) Being experienced with the engine clutch, I spent a lot of time on friction hubs & drums being sure that the drum is perfectly round as possible and the linings on the friction hubs were tru to the drum. Plus, let alone spending several hundred dollars keeping fresh clutches. It doesn’t take much especially if you are new to the tag classes with destroying your engine clutch. 3) BIG and ONLY advantage I see is, COST!!



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      Mike Peters

      Looks like Thanksgiving time frame for Horstman Road Race clutches according to Scott at Horstman

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