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      Hello I’m dacey,  I just moved to the Colorado springs area. I started racing shifter in Phoenix while in college never serious just track days. I’ve been wanting to buy a Kart but have been getting mixed reviews on what classes  Colorado racers prefer. I really want to race skusa but if not is there a big DD2 class? I’ve been told the Lo206 class was the largest, but I really wanna go faster™

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      David Cole

      Welcome Dacey.

      Depends on the budget and the experience you have. If you have had lots of track time in a shifter, and your budget allows it – go with Stock Moto. There are some good shifterkart drivers in Colorado, both in Denver and in Grand Junction.

      If you don’t have a lot of time in a kart, I would suggest starting out in the LO206. It will teach you racecraft and how to be smooth. That can transition well into a faster kart, if you decide to move up the speed charts after time in a LO206.

      Check out http://www.billetperformancekarting.com/BPK.html as they do both shifterkarts and LO206. DD2 is not very popular in the country,  but it is also an option if you are looking to go Rotax racing.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      michael smith

      Do they have a cr80 class? Shifter class, reliable, affordable, and fun

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      Kirk Deason

      Hi Dacey, there are lots of great tracks in CO.  Also check out http://www.thecoloradokarter.com  for more localized information.  As David mentioned, the LO206 racing is affordable and great fun with huge fields.  Set up an account and introduce yourself on the colorado karter site.  You’ll find a great group of knowledgeable (and funny) karters.  Pick up a used chassis and a  Briggs and come on out.

      As to your DD2 question, there is an active Rotax group that races at centennial but I think DD2 is in the single digits as far as participation.

      We’d love to have another shifter guy to race with but if you are just getting back into racing, I would point you towards the briggs for affordability and simplicity.

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      What tracks do most of the shifter guys race mostly?  I called the guys at imi they say they have a big open shifter class??

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      Kirk Deason

      CRE (track) is not far from you in Calhan CO, The Track at Centennial is on the south side of Denver, IMI is just north of Denver, and as Stacey Cook mentioned, Grand Junction Motor Speedway is (a bit) west of Denver. There is also a track at Bandimere speedway. You can run a shifter at any of them.

      Check out club racing at all of the tracks in the spring.  I don’t want to influence your decision as you should choose the class and track that appeals to you.  There are some VERY good shifter drivers from this area and you’ll see them using the local races as practice for the big nationals.    Stick with stock moto for local competition and then you will have a package that will be legal for racing in other series.

      Do you have a budget in mind?  Are you planning on doing a local series or just occasional practice days?

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