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      Brian Wilson

      This class is designed for karts with “125 shifter like” performance, with a fun, laid back, low cost approach. This class is not designed to be the latest, greatest see how much you can spend class with a win at all cost attitude. This class is meant to be fun…if you race purely for the competitiveness and have a winning at all cost attitude, there are other classes for you. This is about camaraderie while reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends and having some friendly competition in a casual race atmosphere.

      The purpose of this class is not to fragment current classes, it is designed for karts or people that would not otherwise participate in a currently offered class.

      Engines: Any 125 two stroke shifter engine (Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM or any other mass produced moto engine, stock or modified), 250 four stroke moto engines, ICC, DD2, Aixro, Vampire and Biland.

      No 250 two strokes or 450 four strokes

      Fuel will be open
      Tires will be open
      Weight will be open

      There will be no engine tech

      There will be tech for chassis and driver safety gear. Proper one piece kart driving suit will be required.

      There will be strict and I mean strict rules for driving….no contact and no aggressive or defensive driving. This is your warning and you will be black flagged on the first offense. If you can’t race/drive clean, then race in the other classes offered.

      You can drive in multiple classes if you’d like, but the kart you run in this class cannot be run in any other class that day.

      Minimum age of 30

      There will be no trophies offered on a per race basis (unless the track offers it). A gift certificate will be awarded to the series champion. You will drop your lowest points for the series, wether it’s due to mechanical, DNS, DNF or just did not attend.

      The practice/race cost will be whatever that particular track charges for the day according to their published fee schedule. 100% of the race fee goes to the track.

      This class is designed for a number of people with different situations. Maybe you enjoy running track days without all the stress, cost or time commitment associated with spec competition classes. Maybe you used to race competitively, but now you just enjoy the sport of karting. Maybe you used to race competitively, but have turned your time, attention and dollars to providing you child with the best equipment so they can be competitive, but you would still like to compete in a casual atmosphere. Maybe you don’t have the money or desire to have a spec kart, but enjoy karting and friendly competition. Maybe you have a kart that is just sitting in the garage collecting dust because there isn’t currently a class for it. No matter what the reason is, bring your kart out and have fun.

      Please feel free to comment if you have something positive to add or see a need in changing one of the rules. If there is an engine left out that you feel should be included, please mention it and we’ll see about adding it.

      If you plan on attending any or all of the events, please make that known so we can have a rough idea of numbers.

      The race dates are as follows:
      Ocala Gran Prix, September 21
      Homestead Karting, October 5
      PBIR Karting, November 24

      Dates for Jacksonville (103rd St) and most likely Anderson Race Park will be added to the 2013 schedule, but not as part of the “official” 2013 series.

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      Brian Wilson

      One change/addition to the rules per the tracks for insurance regulations. A FULL REAR BUMPER must be used, doesn’t matter if it’s plastic or metal, just needs to provide full coverage.

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      Brian Wilson

      The first race at OGP this weekend has become a day race versus the originally scheduled night race. Gates will open @ 7 am.

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