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      Hi all,


      I’ve just published two new applications in Google Play for Android devices, called Jetting CR125 Shifter Kart and Jetting TM Kart.


      As you can imagine, Jetting CR125 Shifter Kart it’s an application that will help you to setup the carb of your shifter karts with Honda CR 125 engines. It’s valid for stock and mod moto, PWM and PWK, pump-around and non pump-around, road racing and sprint racing. The basic functioning os this app is the following: you must configure your engine setup (engine type: stock/mod, airbox type, oil mix ratio, pump around or not), track shape (road racing, spring racing, long or short straights) and then put the current weather conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure and altitude). If you don’t have a weather station, the app can locate its position using the GPS and connect to the nearest public weather station to get these data. With all these data (weather, engine and track) the app will give you a recommendation about the jetting: main jet, pilot jet, needle type and clip position. A fine tuning function is enabled to adapt the recommended settings to your specific engine.

      On the other hand, Jetting TM Kart is aimed at TM shifter engines (K9, K9B, K9C, KZ10 and KZ10B). This app, unlike Jetting CR125 Shifter Kart, will give you four different jetting setups (each one with its own “personality”), that let you choose the one that fits most your conditions. The rest of the functionality is exact the same as the other app.


      As some of you may know, I published more apps a time ago: Jetting Max Kart (Rotax Max jetting) and Kart Chassis Setup (very useful to setup your chassis). Both of them have very good comments and feedback, so I hope you like these new apps.


      Please, if you have any comment or suggestions, let me know. I’ll try to do my best to solve any issue or to implement any interesting suggestion.


      And finally, you can find the applications, for example, looking for “isenet” in your Google Play app, or using the keyword “jetting”. Anyway, these are the links to Google Play where you can find a complete explanation:




      Best regards.

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      Andrew Pachon

      Do you offer one for those of us that worship Steve Jobs (RIP)???




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      Chris Gannon

      I second Andrew, Anything for the old Iphone?? Or anything on the internet?

      Chris Gannon
      Shifter Kart Florida

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      William Martin

      Looks good…but a few explanations would be helpful. How do the setups differ in “personality” as you put it?

      Also, it would be helpful if there was a way to change to “English” units for the input values…:-) We don’t all live in Metric-Land!




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