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    Michael perez

    I have a k100 with a horseman del clutch that I have just put on a crg kt1. With the chain off the axle spins freely but when the chains on the clutch is binding. What can it be if a lose the chain it looks like it is not riding on my hub sprocket right. Is there different chain sizes? Thanks for the help.

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    tony zambos

    There are two chain an sprocket types, #35 and #219. Since there is space on the axle gear, it might be stamped 35 or 219.

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    patrick hubbell

    Be sure the chain size matches both the engine sprocket and the axle sprocket( 219 or #35 ).  Does the engine sprocket spin freely with the chain removed? If the clutch sprocket dose not spin freely then check the spacer that is located between the engine and the clutch drum. They come in different thicknesses and diameters. A 10 tooth drum uses a smaller diameter spacer compared to an 11 tooth sprocket.

    Be sure  the chain links move freely and do not kink.  Check the axle sprocket to clutch sprocket alignment.

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      Michael perez

      I believe that I found my problem it is a 35 on the engine and a 219 on the chain and sprocket. When the chain rides the clutch sprocket one pin rides in the dip the next gets stuck on the top of the tooth

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