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      Rod Balding

      Hi All ,

      Does anyone know the actual Factory color used on an Intrepid frame (paint code ?)


      Rod B.

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      Robert Lawson


      If it IS in fact paint and not powder coating you can take it to your local automotive paint supply store and they should be able to “shoot” it.

      Not sure of the “official” name of this tool but when I worked for a supply shop that carried all of the Dupont line products they had a hand held tool that would read the paint and spit out a mix formula. It may not be exact but it should be very close. If you are completely recoating it shouldn’t matter.

      This gadget only works on “paint”.

      Hit the Yellow pages or Google your nearest supply shop and ask them.

      Good Luck!


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      Rod Balding

      Thanks Robert , the DuPont shop I use can’t read it because the scanner needs at least a FLAT surface no smaller than a business card and won’t read tubing that size , I painted an Intrepid Silverstone about 5 years ago and matched it real close by eye (of course I don’t have the used can that had the formula on it) but I didn’t even get close this time , lol

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      Not sure about the specific code, but I believe it is called ” DAY GLOW ORANGE? “

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      jack lachut

      rod,  I’ve used chevy orange engine enamel for touch-ups from the local auto parts store.

      are you looking to repaint the whole chassis?

      the older intrepid frames  looked like they had some pearl in the paint.

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      Rod Balding

      Painting the complete chassis , I think where the problem I’m having is I started with GM Hugger Orange instead of GM engine color as the hugger is not as bright of an orange , and yes , it has pearl and high metallic , it’s hell getting old and can’t remember (LOL) but I’ll check the difference in the two as however I done it the other time was spot on , just wished I had shot a piece of metal for future reference so they could scan it , THANKS A BUNCH everyone .



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      jack lachut

      rod, if you are using spray cans, remember to stay away from the harsh chemicals like brake clean when wiping your freshly painted chassis.  wd-40 seems to be ok though.

      in the custom auto paint world there was a color called tangello orange that had pearl in it.

      the cost of auto paint including the hardener would probably cost more than just having it powdercoated.

      good luck!

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