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      kurt rodgers

      Happy Holidays to all!

      Finally got re registered with help From admin David -Thanks!

      Here is my current plea for help. This is a long shot.

      I am helping a friend locate the original software for a Davenport Dyno datalog package mounted on a Stutska waterbrake. The system was confirmed working on another computer with windows Millennium just days before attempting install on different computer. The ISA board was installed on the other computer. The original  system disks will not read on the computer. The computer itself is “vintage” and is running windows 98. It does run DOS. The DOS software was copied from the original computer and pasted into the other. You can activate the program (it opens the correct DOS window with the program layout), but it gives errors. I think it is missing a driver or link to a hidden file. I don’t know if there was something special on the original install disk that is not present in the copied files. Does anyone remember any DOS tricks to look at the original install disks? Does anyone have or know someone who has the original disks? Is Jim Davenport still around and could he help out? The phone numbers I have no longer work.

      I hope someone can help us out.

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