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      John Mulvihill

      We’re headed to NCM and running in several classes from Jr. Enduro Lite to Piston Port Pipe Heavy and I’m hoping to get some input regarding gearing.  Rather than just asking for numbers, what tracks are most similar in gearing to NCM so we can compare to our notes.

      Any input would be appreciated.




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      Kelly Read


      Not sure of what tracks I can give you to compare notes to. I can tell you the gears of what my kids who will be running the KART Piston Port laydown class that they have on now and feel it is dam close or not right on as we have a similar track as NCM. Both normally run up front where ever we go so they should be a good comparison to look at.

      Brad: JICA Swift, 15-74 (33″ tire), HPV 5 pipe. Has to weigh 420#. He will possibly put on a Comer P51 with a MISI pipe to try. He would take 2 teeth off from the Jica swift set up and put the MISI pipe on. With the Comer he has to weigh 410#.

      Lindsay: K71, 15-76 (33″ tire). MISI pipe. Has to weigh 400#

      Hope this helps. Once there if we can help, look us up. Unfortunately we will be pitted by Robby (LOL).

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