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    Ray Chiappe

    NCK is having another race at a pretty famous Track! LAGUNA SECA!

    March 24th and 25th and there is already 220 plus entries. But only 8 for Tag Heavy! All you So Cal boys that just bought all those ROK’s  should give this a try!! You can enter on NCK’s site. nckroadracing.com

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    Ray Chiappe

    Just checked the entry count is up to 397!! And there is only 12 entries in Tag Heavy. The Shifter classes are maxing out!


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    How much is registration at Laguna Seca this year?

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    Ray Chiappe

    It’s a two day race weekend, I paid $500.00 for 2 races each day.


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    Larry Dobbs

    Hi Everybody!

    I am looking forward to racing at Laguna Seca because there are still a couple of racers I want to beat!!  I have spent hours and hours working on my kart in preparation for the privilege to turn faster lap times than 95% of all the four or two wheeled vehicles on the planet!  I pass cleanly because I can’t afford any more time or money to spend if I crash, besides, the worst feeling in the world is damaging someone else’s kart because I didn’t think!  Racing to my full potential always makes me feel best!  See you at the track!

    P.S  If you have never tried roadracing, the next race is June 30th at Thunderhill and NCK has a first time race fee of $150 to try us out.  Stop and say hello when you come.  #11

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    Doug Ring

    Wow, another great race weekend at Laguna Seca thanks to the Northern California Karters.  Here is some video from race 4 – stock moto classes with ~40 karts on the grid.

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