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    Mark Morrison

    Summer Corkscrew Invitational
    At Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
    July 19-20

    Hello all, Registration is now open for the “Summer Corkscrew Invitational” at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca July 19-20. I’m sending this to all our 2014 NCK members first as you have first choice to enter before we open it to non-members. If you are going to enter you must do it by July 13 and payment received at NCK by that date no exceptions, On June 8 it will open to all non members after that date until the two run groups are full. This a 92 db noise limit day You Get One Chance To Repair 2nd warning you’re on the trailer going home. We are still working on the day schedule with the host group but the day formats are listed below. For all you NCK members you can register a normal. Non members if you have a DLB account you to can register as normal.
    If you do not have a DBL account go to https://www.dlbracing.com create an account then go to CALENDER/SITE then VIEW select the NCK event in JULY click register to enter

    Group 1: Super stock Cr125 #400, Formula 125 Ltd #385, IC/E #465, Super IC/E/GasGas #465, 250FE #475.
    Sat. Practice/qualify and Pre-main
    Sun Main winner take all
    Cost is $275 for NCK Members, $300 Non members

    Group 2: Formula 80cc Senior #360, Rotax Max DD2 #400, World Formula Hvy #390,
    Yamaha Ltd Hvy Sprint #360, TaG Hvy #400-415, 125cc-150cc Open/FKE11 #360-400,
    4 Stroke Open Hvy #390
    Sat; practice/qualify and Main
    Cost $175.00 NCK members, $200 Non members.
    This is a no-points race, No camping on the paddock, We are still working with the hoist group about setting up the day before.
    Run groups are limited to 45 karts each so don’t wait to enter as we have a lot of non members that want in.
    As a reminder registration is open for Willowsprings on June 21.
    If you have any questions please send me an email

    Mark Morrison, NCK

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    Larry Dobbs

    Don’t get left out!  Get registered!

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    Ray Chiappe

    Larry, will we be able  to get in the pits on Friday night??


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    Larry Dobbs

    Classes are filling up; we are capped at 45 karts per session so get your entry in now!

    Ray, Mark is sending out the details but I am pretty sure we will be able to drop off trailers Friday (gate will be locked at @ 7:30pm [Mark will confirm time]).  We are waiting on word from Speedventures as to where we are pitting (karts pit together).

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    Jason Santander

    Per NCK, we will be gridding by fastest laptime. No separation of classes. Superkart, mod or stock 125 all in the same grid! fun is 2 weeks away

    Birel CR32SR Complete roller $2k
    set of new tires on wheels, extra set wheels, freeline large & small rad, tons of freeline components

    TWO CRS ICC motors complete- rebuilt $3k
    Custom Pit Cart

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    Michael Korody


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    Joe Street

    Here is a short preview video for the CorkScrew Invitational this weekend at Laguna Seca. Good luck to everyone, don’t miss a chance to race this awesome track.

    Also, NCK and I have set up a shared Google Drive so that racers or fans can send me footage for the race recap videos that I do for the west coast clubs. If you are interested, please PM me.



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    Nick Galante

    Hey Guys. looking forward to the race weekend. Sorry I don’t run more with you. I wish I could. I need some clarification on the rules for this event.I’ll be running Stock Honda, What tires are allowed? Do we need to run MG yellows?

    What fuel is allowed for this event? Do we have to use the track pump?
    What oil is allowed?

    Where can I find the rules online?

    Nick Galante

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    Ray Chiappe

    Nick, go on the NCK site. Email or phone Mark Morrison.

    You will need an Air Box, at least a 14″ silencer as there is a 92db limit. Tires I believe are open. Group 1 (Shifters run 3 times, twice on Saturday and once on Sunday) You have to run the same set of tires. Mark sent out a revised email today.


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    Chris Hegar

    Nick, same rules as last time we ran Laguna. I’d imagine fuel will be a tech item probably sold at the track.

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    Doug Ring

    Regarding fuel, Mark sent out an email a couple of days ago reporting that there were pump problems at the track location, and fuel may not be available on race day – his suggestion was to bring your own.  For a shifter, 4 gallons might suffice, but 5 or 6 would be better.  Oil is open, use what your builder recommends.

    Tires are open, but most will probably be running MG yellows/whites or Hoosier R60’s.  Same tires must be used for the two races – late Saturday and Sunday.


    Make sure you have an airbox – the consensus is that it would be highly unlikely that an open filter would pass 92db.

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    Nick Galante

    Thanks to everybody for a great event. Sorry I had a momentary lapse of reason. :D

    See you next year.

    Stock Honda Main Event

    Group 1 Main


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    Larry Dobbs

    Big THANK YOU to Dean Martin, Mark Morrison, and Jim White for volunteering their time when they should be working on, and racing, their karts instead of making sure that everyone else is taken care of at the track.  Also, I need to thank Anthony Williams for helping me out, even to the last minute before the main so that I got to race!  There are some good people in our club and sport and I am thankful they race with NCK!

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    Chris Hegar

    Who won 125?

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    David Cole


    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Chris Hegar

    You guys let McNeil win…

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    Ray Chiappe

    Jees he was runnin 137’s


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    Doug Ring

    Also – FWIW – I don’t think that we had any significant issues with the noise guidelines in the 125cc shifter class.  I saw a variety of airboxes (blue Freeline box with two snorkels, black RLV boxes with four snorkels, even one guy who put 33mm snorkels in his RLV box!) and silencers, and I don’t think anyone got flagged.

    So, the next time we go to LS, just get an airbox and your standard silencer (I was running my tried-and-true Swedetech unit) – it’s a great track for shifters!

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