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      Eric Stockford

      Thank you WKA for  another great National.

      The entire weekend went very smooth and with Brandon at the helm everyone got tons of track time.

      Weather was good and the track was tons of fun.

      If you sat this one out  you  missed a great weekend of racing on one of Road racing’s new venues.

      With the plans they have for this track it will only get better.  The guy who runs the track told us next year there will be paved pits and better track access.





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      George Sunderland

      Agree.   I feel like I lost a heavyweight prize fight today but had a blast.  NCCAR requires 100% concentration.  Give it any less and off turn 1/2 you go.  That track will wear man and machine out.  Very well run event.  Brandon is the best there is.  And I even had a nice chat w/ Van:)    Kudos to WKA and all who obviously put so much effort into putting this top notch event on.   The only things I heard complaints about were the gravel pits and  outhouses.  Once they pave the pits, NCCAR will rank among the best kart venues out there.  Anybody who missed this one should be regretting it.



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