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      George Sunderland

      Kudos to Rodney and WKC gang for putting on what seemed to most of us as a seemless show at a great new venue. The routine you made for going on and off nccar worked great and required hardly any of the pushing many of us feared. True drivers track as I proved by going into turn 1 too hot on first lap. This track requires 100 percent concentration. Give it any less like I did and off you go.  But tons of run of room makes it safe.   Folks who stayed home really missed out. Easy drive from DC metro too. AS well as coming from points south.  Get the word out. Can’t wait to get back to NCCAR.  Thanks guys again

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      Todd Kageals

      Agreed.  I was there this past weekend and had a great time.  “Pushing” was not an issue the way it was all worked out.  The track was good (except the bumps in….5?).  I too tested the grass.  Nice run off areas for those of us who are so inclined.  Will be back at the next one later in the year.  A big thanks as usual to Rodney and the guys who make it possible for us to continue to go road racing.  Avg. speed was around 80 +/- in  a shifter.  Anyone know what the top speed was on the straight?

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      AJ Reuter

      agreed! I liked the track.


      here is some onboard video if you want to see it from a laydown, the windnoise is bad but I really like the POV with the gauge.

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