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    Austin Bruce

    I’ve been going through some boxes of old parts I found and came across these Horstman clutches. I think they are for KT-100s as they have the conical shaft with key slot. I think they are DXL’s of different years but am unsure. If anyone has more info than what I’ve found on the internet, let me know. Thanks.


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    Steve O’Hara

    Can’t tell for sure based on the view you provided but I give 95% odds that all three are DXLs of one spec or another.

    Steve O’Hara

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      Austin Bruce

      I’ve added some more pictures to the original post of the inside. I know for sure that one is a DXL that is relatively new. Do they have any value?

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    Walt Gifford

    4 spring 3 disk DXL, Best clutch ever made.


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    Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
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    patrick j slattery

    Different versions of the Horstman DXL clutch


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