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    WKA will be hosting a National Road Race at Bowling Greeh on October 23-25. Racing with us for this event will be the K.A.R.T. organization. All K.A R.T. classes will be offered as local option classes. Kelly Read will have info on this soon.
    Randy Fulks and I recently spent an afternoon on the track with our karts. The track is smooth and fun to drive. Additional info will be availible on WKA s pitboard in the near future.

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    Kelly Read

    So ALL are in the know!!!!!!

    This event didn’t just develop over night!!!!  I believe that I can say since I was part of this, that those who have been working on this from both KART and WKA over the past several months have worked hard and well together to make this happen. NO hiccups and all went smooth!!!!! Having a facility that is between both organizations really helped in making this happen.

    As a representative from KART who worked with WKA officials on this event, I assure YOU that YOU won’t want to miss this event!!!! KART themselves have had multiple combined events with other organizations in the past with success and now having a combined event with WKA, is a plus for ALL ROAD RACERS!!!

    With declining numbers and expenses of promoting an event especially at major road race facilities, having 2 organizations working together to give us road racers a place to race is AWESOME!!!!

    I look forward in attending this event and hope all other ROAD RACERS come support this event as well.

    Event information will be posted later in the year on both the WKA and KART web sites. IF, there are any classes that neither WKA or KART run on there current schedules, contact myself or Robby as we will look into it.


    Kelly Read



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