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      William Weiler

      What sensors do people use for Lo206 racing? Also, how does the unit measure lap times? Is it GPS? I don’t see how that could be very accurate.

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      TJ Koyen

      Not sure on the specifics for LO206, but you’ll want RPM read-out and lap times at least and probably an engine temperature of some kind.

      The MyChron 4 and older gauges use a timing beacon that trips every time you pass to measure lap time. MyChron 4 can also use GPS. MyChron 5 uses only GPS and it’s fairly accurate.

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      Craig Drabik

      I’ve run cylinder head temperature on World Formula engines in the past, but I don’t think it’s necessary.  For LO206 probably even less necessary.  You don’t have to worry about head temps like on a Yamaha.  Just RPM and the correct lap beacon for the track.

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      tony zambos

      IMO – The most accurate sensor for recording lap times is your transponder.  You should be able to fit a magnetic or RF sensor to the M5 for lap times.  But the all the AiM lap time sensors have their faults. Use the GPS on the M5 and don’t be concerned about the other lap sensors.  I was a GPS skeptic, not any more.


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      Craig Drabik

      Good point – I’m using GPS on Mychron 5 as well.

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